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Mybrosse Automatic Hair Curler


 Mybrosse hair curler is the #1 wireless and completely automatic curler to achieve outstanding hairstyle in under 10 minutes. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, choose your timer and temperature setting to create perfect curls, exactly as you want them. The ceramic barrel ensures an even heat distribution and protects your hair for long-lasting results.

Endless style in a single move

Create your own style by playing with the temperature and timer settings to achieve silky, dreamy curls, just the way you want them. From romantic beach waves to preppy swirling curls, you can change your style in a single move for a result that’ll last all day. 

  • Suitable for all hair type, even thin, fragile, or color-treated hair
  • 6 adjustable low heat settings from 150℃ to 200℃
  • 6 timer settings: 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s
  • Long-lasting result



No hassle, no mess, no oops whatsoever.

Its innovative design allows you to achieve a complete hairstyle in under 10 minutes.

Simply press the power button and let the magic happen: Your hair will roll smoothly into the barrel and deliver even, silky-smooth curls that will last all day. 

  • Anti-tangle Protection to prevent your hair from getting stuck
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 2 direction: Right and Left side



 4 simple steps :


"I love the curler and I was so excited to try the U-Waves product [...] The application was super easy. I'm very happy with the product."

Style of your choice

Adjust curl direction, temperature (150-200°C), and heat time (8-25secs) to create the style of your dreams.

For tight or loose curls and a curly or wavy effect.

Effective on short, long, thin, or thick hair.