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Hair curling wand


Get tousled curls with the Curling Iron, a three-barrel device that creates siren-like curls.

The triple barrel iron creates S-shaped curls on all hair lengths and heats up in 60 seconds for quick, easy styling.

Ceramic-coated barrels seal the cuticle to prevent frizz and achieve a mirror-like shine. Get glamorous curls like a day at the beach. 

 ✔️  Create a fascinating wavy shape

 ✔️ 2 Temperature Settings

✔️ High quality ceramic coating 

✔️ Professional heating technology 

✔️ Suitable for all hair types 

✔️ User-friendly heat resistant design 

Create a fascinating wavy shape 

With the curling iron, you can easily and naturally shape your hair to create an elegant, curly look. With a diameter of 22 mm that can hold 1 / 3 of the hair at once, it gives it a more natural look. 

Suitable for all hair types

This curling iron is suitable for all hair types, whether damaged, dyed, fine, medium or thick, any thickness of hair can give satisfactory results. Ideal for long, short, fine, regular, and thick hairstyles.

Tips for use 

Before starting, use a heat protection spray and spray it all over the hair. 

✔️ Taking small strands of hair one by one, pinch the hair near the root (depending on where you want the curls to start). 

✔️ Hold the position for up to 10 seconds at the desired curl definition and then release it.

✔️ Position the waving iron lower on the same strand and pinch until the strand is wavy. (For a  casual, more modern look, do not curl the ends).

 ✔️ Repeat the process through hair until you get a wavy, tousled texture.

Professional heating technology

A special heating technology, even within 30 seconds, also allows the temperature to be adjusted so as not to cause excessive thermal damage to the hair. If you don't use the curling iron for 60 minutes, the waving iron will stop heating and will shut off automatically, preventing continuous heating and damage to the curling iron. 


High quality ceramic coating 

The ceramic coating provides wavy hair that releases negative ions, making your hair healthier and smoother. Negative ions help keep your hair moisturized, keep your hair shiny and dry, and keep your style longer.